OPEN SEASONAL – Late May through Late June (approximately)

Iowa Orchard U-Pick Strawberry Patch is located at 13140 NW 102nd Avenue in Granger on the South side of Highway 141.  View Map

 We are open *Monday through Friday 8 am to 12 pm and Saturday-Sunday 8 am to 2pm.
*Picking is weather and availability permitting. If it is raining or did the night before, we might be closed; also, strawberries do not ripen all at once, sometimes the field needs to recharge, green berries to ripen. Always call 515-276-0852 or check our Facebook page to make sure we are open.
strawberries at Iowa Orchard

U-Pick Strawberry Prices

Under 5 Pounds = $3.00 per pound
5-10 Pounds = $2.50 per pound
Over 10 Pounds – $2.00 per pound

Prepicked Strawberries are $4.00 per pound and must be preordered at 515-276-0852.

By paying cash, you are helping small business to save on CC fees, but we do take Debit, Credit, EBT and checks as well.


  • As strawberries grow low to the ground, no pets are allowed on the farm during the season to avoid contamination.

  • We provide you with a cardboard flat to put the picked strawberries in – no need to bring your own container.

  • Please, plan on having one adult per 3 children to keep a watchful eye on them.

  • If bringing a stroller, have another person with you so you can take turns picking – the strawberry field is covered with thick straw making it impossible to push a stroller plus it damages the berries.

  • Fresh berries need to be refrigerated right away.

  • Prewashing berries before storage makes them go bad faster –  wash them right before consuming.

iowa orchard strawberry field
iowa orchard strawberries