Strawberry and sugar snap pea picking is available in June for approximately 2-3 weeks depending on weather and fruit production. The opening date is posted and confirmed on Facebook just a few days before opening.

Iowa Orchard U-Pick Patch is located at 13140 NW 102nd Avenue in Granger on the south side of Highway 141. View Map

Strawberries do not ripen all at once – each variety has its own schedule. Each plant has ripe red and unripe green berries simultaneously, so while red berries are getting picked, the green ones are just a few days behind. This cycle continues until the plant is out of fruit. That is why YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO PICK. It ensures your pleasant picking experience and our ability to provide good customer service. Click here to make a reservation

Picking is 100% dependent on the weather and fruit availability. Thus, cancelations and changes in the picking schedule are likely. We try our best to estimate the amount of ripe fruit available, the number of people the patch can handle, the weather, and more. However, due to the nature of this task, it is still a guesstimate. We update our “online scheduler” throughout the season by either reducing the number of people able to pick or allowing more than originally estimated. All updates are communicated through our Facebook page.

strawberries at Iowa Orchard

 Strawberry Prices & Admission

Admission is $5 a person (kids 2 and younger are free). Once parked, gather your party to get checked in. Have your email confirmation ready – printed or pulled on your cellphone screen. Picking containers and carriers will be provided at the check-in tent for your convenience. Free bottled water and portable bathrooms will be available at multiple stops around the farm. New in 2024 – use our tractor wagon to get around the farm for less walking and more picking! U-pick strawberries are $5/lb if less than 10 lb is picked, and $4/lb for 10 lb and more.

* The $5 entry fee covers our additional expenses incurred with running a busy u-pick operation. The majority of these are loss of fruit due to the nature of “crowd picking”, transportation across the farm, additional liability insurance,  extra social media, and phone/email communication due to multiple crop updates and weather changes, property upgrades like gravel road for convenient public access, additional signage, rental of bathroom and handwashing stations, and other investments involved with running a smooth u-pick operation.

We try to have a supply of prepicked berries at both locations but it is limited and unpredictable. We recommend calling 515-276-0852 before heading our way or placing an order. The pickup is 11 AM – 2 PM at our Granger location, and 3 PM – 6 PM at the Urbandale store. Prepicked berries are $8/lb. A quart is 1.25 lb so $10. A flat is 10 lb so $80.

U-pick sugar snap peas are $4/lb.

While here, you can also enjoy our mini cider donuts made hot to order and strawberry apple cider lemonade! If that is the only reason for your visit – no need to make an appointment, just show up and grab them to go!


  • As strawberries grow low to the ground, no pets are allowed in the patch to avoid contamination.  If you are an owner of a service dog, please, let us know how we can help to accommodate you to the best of our ability.  An emotional support animal is not a service animal.

  • We provide you with a cardboard flat to pick into – no need to bring your own container.

  • Please, plan on having at least one adult per 3 children to keep an eye on them.

  • Strollers are not allowed into the strawberry field. They damage the berries/plants and cannot be pushed because of the thick straw covering the ground.

  • Fresh berries need to be refrigerated right away.

  • Prewashing berries before storage makes them go bad faster –  wash them right before consuming.

iowa orchard strawberry field
iowa orchard strawberries