The strawberry and sugar snap pea picking are available in June for approximately 2-3 weeks depending on weather and fruit production. The exact opening date is posted and confirmed on Facebook a few days prior to the actual opening. The last day of picking is also announced on Facebook only 2-3 days ahead. 

Iowa Orchard U-Pick Patch is located at 13140 NW 102nd Avenue in Granger on the Southside of Highway 141. View Map

 We are open *Monday-Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM.
*Picking is weather permitting and subject to fruit availability.  If it is raining or rained the night before, we might be closed.  Also, strawberries do not ripen all at once, sometimes the field needs to recharge and green berries need time to ripen.  
YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO PICK. Please, do not call to make one, use our website or Facebook instead. A sign-up link is offered for each 2-3 days of picking as the season progresses. If you do not see the link below, it has not been posted or updated yet – we are waiting for more berries to ripen before committing to picking, so you must check back frequently. 
strawberries at Iowa Orchard

 U-Pick Strawberry Prices

under 5 lb          = $4.00/lb

5-9.99 lb             = $3.50/lb

10-19.99 lb         = $3.00/lb

20 lb or more     = $2.50/lb

Prepicked berries are $6.00 per pound and must be preordered at 515-276-0852. Due to a farm help shortage, we might not be able to fill all the prepicked berry orders. If we cannot help you and you are unable to pick your own, there is still a couple of options left – you can ask a family member/friend to pick for you or pay somebody to do so. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to fill all orders.

Sugar snap peas are $4/lb and available to pick yourself only.


  • As strawberries grow low to the ground, no pets are allowed in the patch to avoid contamination.  If you are an owner of a service dog, please, let us know how we can help to accommodate you to the best of our ability.  An emotional support animal is not qualified as a service dog and not allowed in.

  • We provide you with a cardboard flat to pick into – no need to bring your own container.

  • Please, plan on having one adult per 3 children to keep an eye on them.

  • If bringing a stroller, have another person with you so you can take turns picking – the strawberry field is covered with thick straw making it impossible to push a stroller plus it damages the berries.

  • Fresh berries need to be refrigerated right away.

  • Prewashing berries before storage makes them go bad faster –  wash them right before consuming.

iowa orchard strawberry field
iowa orchard strawberries