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Here at Iowa Orchard, we make 21 different flavors of rich, flaky pies. We also offer most in a low-sugar recipe for those watching their
sugar intake. Make sure and read to the end of this post to find out
Get your preorders in as early as you can so we can prepare. 

Make sure and order your favorites, but get creative this holiday
season by trying a new flavor. It's easy with such a large selection.
Here at Iowa Orchard, we have built a reputation on our wonderful quality, from our signature choice of dutch crumb apple to our newest flavors like gooseberry, chocolate pecan, and chocolate french silk.
We are very particular with our homemade top crust which we make
with an actual rolling pin, floured cloth, and delicate technique. We
make a very flaky top crust that noone, except Grandma, could match. Most pie shops or big box grocery stores hide the fact that their top
crust ISN'T flaky by brushing on an eggwash or butter, and sprinkling
on coarse sugar. This is a clever way that conceals a machined, or
poor techniqued top crust. We believe in a delicate, flaky top crust
using the contrasting flavors of flour, salt, sugar, and vinegar. To smell the complex flavors baking is definitely a treat. And our fruit pies are never made with a canned pie filling. We use mostly fruits grown at
Iowa Orchard or the same variety of fruit I would grow here.

Many of our customers think that getting their pie orders on
Wednesday or Thursday is the freshest pie they can get.  
And this IS a very high quality pie, but the hidden secret for your holiday gathering should be our frozen unbaked pies. This guarantees you the freshest crust possible when it comes
out of YOUR oven 
piping hot! Imagine your family enjoying the smell
of the baking, along with the flavor of our creation! The crust will never be more perfect than this. And they are
so easy because you 
don't have to thaw the pie first. You just go from freezer - to preheated oven - to your dining table. The directions are
right on the pie, and are very simple. This is smarter planning too, because you can purchase 
in advance, and then bake as many as
you need, which gives you the option of saving a frozen pie until next holiday or other event.


About PreOrdering: We are open everyday of the week  from 9-6 pm.
We will be closed Christmas day and Christmas eve after 2pm CST.
Our phone  # is 515-276-0852,
and we are located in Urbandale at 9875 Meredith Drive.        
Here are our Holiday Specials:


SPECIAL #1: If you preorder 2 FROZEN pies you can have a 1/2 price pie (baked or frozen). Why is this smart?'re getting the freshest baked pies as they come out of your oven at your family gathering
when you choose to bake them.

SPECIAL #2: If you preorder 3 pies (baked or frozen) you can have a
1/2 price FROZEN pie to bake at home. Why is this smart?...If you are not sure of the number of family members, you can save your frozen
pie to bake at Easter, or other family event.

Have a great Holiday, and thank you for supporting a small, local business. Let our family celebrate and be thankful with yours.

Anastasiia and Bryan Etchen, Iowa Orchard

Open Everyday
7 Days a Week
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

9875 Meredith Dr.